[ppml] those pesky users...

Leo Vegoda leo.vegoda at icann.org
Tue Mar 27 06:28:11 EDT 2007

On Mar 26, 2007, at 8:30 PM, Stephen Sprunk wrote:

> Thus spake "Johnson, Ron" <RJohnson at newedgenetworks.com>
>> Ok, I am going to put on my smarty pants...
>> Since the release of RFC-1918 and CIDR, the pressure on
>> address space has decreased significantly.
>> For the most part we are able to live within our means.
>> We make our downstreams justify address requests, we press
>> for 1918 use with NAT when ever possible, and we recycle
>> disconnected customer blocks regularly.
> I'd say "good for you", but you don't have a choice ... all of the  
> above is
> required by the v4 policies :)

I'm confused, I didn't think ARIN's IPv4 policy promoted the use of  
NAT. Did I misunderstand?

Leo Vegoda
IANA Numbers Liaison

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