[ppml] ARIN XIX - Policy Proposals

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Mon Mar 26 18:42:05 EDT 2007

13 policies + 2 panels in 2 days.  I can visualize Mr. Curran now: 
"the lines at the mic are closed."

At 14:26 -0400 3/26/07, Member Services wrote:
>The following policy proposals have been under discussion on the ARIN
>Public Policy Mailing List.
>2006-7: Changes to IPv6 initial allocation criteria
>2007-1: Reinstatement of PGP Authentication Method
>2007-2: Documentation of the Mail-From Authentication Method
>2007-3: Documentation of the X.509 Authentication Method
>2007-4: Changes to IPv6 policy - removal of "interim" consideration
>2007-5: Changes to IPv6 policy - removal of "multiple /48" justification
>2007-6: IPv4 PI minimum size change
>2007-7: Creation of Policy for Subsequent End-User IP Requests/Assignments
>2007-8: Transfer Policy Clarifications
>2007-9: Modernization of ISP Immediate Need Policy
>2007-10: End Site Immediate Need Policy
>2007-11: Refinement of ISP Initial Allocation Policy
>2007-12: IPv4 Countdown Policy Proposal
>The full text for each proposal can be found at:
>The proposals will be presented for consideration at the upcoming ARIN
>XIX Public Policy Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on 23-24 April 2007.
>Also on the agenda will be two panel discussions. On Monday will be the
>'Legacy Address Space Panel' and on Tuesday, the 'IPv4 Discussion
>Panel.' Information about these panels can be found at:
>There is still time to register for ARIN XIX; information is available at:
>Member Services
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