[ppml] In$entive$

G. Waleed Kavalec Kavalec at BSWA.com
Fri Mar 23 10:36:20 EDT 2007

That's why I sain "only half tounge-in-cheek".

Put some savvy marketing types together with some techies and 
I have no doubt a real-world version would emerge.

The key being the carrot.  
(It doesn't have to be X rated.)

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I like your smut idea..  maybe if countries would exempt IPv6 from porn
and gambling laws for a while..  or if we could get people to realize
just how many peer-to-peer file sharing sites they could have with all
those IP's..  lol  

hmm..  lead with the carrot instead of the stick..  with a lot of
refinement your idea could actually work..  



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