[ppml] IPv6 Workshops? (was Policy Proposal: 2007-12 IPv4Cou ntdown Policy Proposal)

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Fri Mar 23 04:32:22 EDT 2007

Thus spake "JORDI PALET MARTINEZ" <jordi.palet at consulintel.es>
> In case you're not yet aware, ARIN has been organizing IPv6
> workshops in ARIN(/NANOG) meetings, since about 2 years ago.
> ...
> I guess it will be very good if folks on this list can propose some ideas
> for new contents for future workshops.

I applaud ARIN and NANOG for doing this, but knowing _how_ to do something 
is just the first step.  Engineers do not have the authority to add millions 
of dollars to an IT budget to make the IPv6 transition.

We need to reach out to the CIOs and CFOs that control those budgets, people 
who in most cases neither know nor care who ARIN and NANOG are.  Engineers 
alone do not drive implementations, as much as we'd like to convince 
ourselves that we're that important.  We can only implement what the 
business folks give us money to do, so if we want to move to IPv6, we need 
to make a concerted, visible, and expensive (!)effort to educate the people 
with control of the purse strings about the necessity of doing so.

As I said, I've submitted a suggestion per the ACSP for ARIN to pursue such 
efforts.  Those who agree (or disagree) are welcome to do so as well.


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