[ppml] IPv6 in North America

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Thu Mar 22 21:10:27 EDT 2007

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>People often paint a very bleak picture of IPv6 in North America, giving
>the impression that nobody is using it, nobody is planning for it, etc.

By North America I think you mean the US mainly...

The problem is in the US people don't pay a lot of attention to
top-down approaches, it isn't until the grass roots gets hold of
it and you see a bottom-up approach that there is a lot of press
about it.

I would suspect most of the "let the market decide" proponents who
have posted have come from the US.

>This is not true...
>Earthlink, an ARIN member has been doing work on making IPv6 useable for
>consumer services.

The linksys firmware is cool but Earthlink should have put the
effort into adding in their IPv6 features to the DD-WRT replacement
firmware for these routers.  What Earthlink did really does not help
anybody.  To take advantage of it someone will have to try to merge
the code in.  Really smart... NOT!


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