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>I would be very afraid that this could place the cost of Internet out of
>the reach of the common man.  I have customers now who can barely afford
>the $9/month for a basic internet account.

If they are not running the latest version of Windows or a current
Linux/unix version, the costs for them to go to IPv6 will be a lot more
than an extra $10 a month.

>While I agree we must deal with things as they apply to business, let's
>not forget the vision of the internet and how it applies to real
>individual people.  It is easy to fall in to the mode of thinking of the
>internet as a commercial product, and forget what it started out to be,
>a tremendous communication and information medium that could be applied
>universally as a social tool for the masses.  If we lose sight of social
>responsibility for the sake of financial responsibility then humanity
>will be much the worse for our mistake.

Kill the goose that leys the golden eggs, eh? :-)


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