[ppml] Low cost edge routers, DSL gateways, firewalls, ISP business

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Thu Mar 22 17:13:51 EDT 2007

> >I know that I
> >could use some knowledge and help tuning my strategy.  
> Please feel free
> >to refer me to a more appropriate venue if this is out of 
> scope for this
> >area.  I offer this in the spirit of community, and I would greatly
> >appreciate hearing about your individual actual progress toward IPv6.
> We are still running all IPv4.  The thing that has actually concerned
> me in recent years is the proliferation of these low-cost edge node
> routers.  We used to do things like buy used Cisco routers off Ebay
> and sell them to customers at cost, just to make sure they used a
> router that there was some chance of updating.  But today, 
> when you can
> buy a product like the Linksys RV042 for under $150 that will do all
> the firewalling the customer could want as well as support ipsec vpns
> as stable as a PIX, we have thrown in the towel on that deal.

This kind of topic is probably better discussed on the inet-access list.
For subscription info http://inet-access.net/mailman/listinfo/list
There are still some people on that list who were there 10 years ago in
the ISP heyday before lots of them were consolidated or went out of

--Michael Dillon

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