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> The problem with this methodology is that it would place the burden on
> the backs of an already overburdened population.   Costs in 
> business are
> absorbed readily, so long as they are applied evenly across the board.
> In fact when on a level playing field more outgo translates 
> to more income based on fixed rate markup of expenses passed 
> to the consumer.
> Big business doesn't mind when their costs go up, as long as 
> the cost for the competition increases proportionally.  The 
> real cost is passed to the consumer, who will have little to 
> say about network organization until it is way too late.  
> I would be very afraid that this could place the cost of 
> Internet out of the reach of the common man.  
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> Kevin
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> I have to lean towards Leo's take, Kevin.  
> The real-world cost would quickly settle on the "zero" for 
> IPv6. Yes, there would be a 'bump' for a time but that's all.
> Frankly (and only half tongue-in-cheek) if we really want the 
> Joe Average world to go IPv6 the strategy is simple: put up a 
> massive free live triple-X video and download suite of 
> sites... accessible only via IPv6.
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I still maintain it is wrong not do all we can to avoid making the
little guy pay for the migration.  Let's try and keep access available
for those inner city kids and third countries..  The people who really
need the information are the same ones who will have a hard time paying
for it.

I like your smut idea..  maybe if countries would exempt IPv6 from porn
and gambling laws for a while..  or if we could get people to realize
just how many peer-to-peer file sharing sites they could have with all
those IP's..  lol  

hmm..  lead with the carrot instead of the stick..  with a lot of
refinement your idea could actually work..  



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