[ppml] IPv4 wind-down

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>> >> Horse and buggies are not permitted on freeways, at least not
>> >> in the United States. 
>> >but you can't drive that on a freeway. And you can't drive a 
>> Segway on
>> >the freeway either.
>> Actually you can ride bicycles on US highways, at least in some states
>> (maybe all of them?) definitely in the state I'm in.
>You can take a horse and buggy on US highways as well, but not on the
>You see it all the time in Pennsylvania's Lancaster county.

Yep, they made the highways backwards-compatible with horse and buggy,
but the new Freeway upgrades broke compatibility.  I understand they
are working on H&B 2.0, but the marketing team is still arguing over the
buggy color, PETA is suing them over including the whip, and Al Gore is
worried about the global warming implications of horse-farts.


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