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Thu Mar 22 04:29:10 EDT 2007

On Thu, Mar 22, 2007 at 02:04:15AM -0600, Sean Reifschneider wrote:
> What I need are *USERS* who are on v6 who are trying to reach these sites.
> I'd literally need to have one of my home connections be v6 before I'd
> seriously consider switching.  If the regional ILEC and a national cable
> provider "can't" switch to v6 (a) how can I be expected to, but more
> importantly (b) who exactly is going to be using my servers if I put them
> on v6?

	data point.  from the IETF this week, it was announced that COMCAST
	was  ready to start the largest v6 rollout (in the US) starting this
	year. As an advisor to them over the past year, I can state that they
	have been planning on this for quite a while and I think they are 
	covering (most) the bases.

> Just to be clear, I'm not looking for people to pipe up and say "I'm using
> v6 at home", because the audience of this I'm sure has the sort of people
> who would go and do it.

	"me too!"  - :)  - frankly, I think the general idea is that ARIN
	members have a very low barrier to entry to get IPv6 resources and
	it behoves them to start -NOW- to get some v6 experience under the
	belt -before- it becomes critical path.

> These are the places we need to be providing incentives to to switch to v6.

	i'm not sure we need to find incentives, i think they will emerge
	over time. what is important (IMHO) is to give ARIN members the 
	ability and resources to use IPv6 as their dictates demand.  

> Nobody wants to be the first to switch to v6.  And by "nobody", I mean
> nobody that I know.  ;-)  I assume you get my point though.

	actually, there are a number of us who have interesting services
	already avialable on IPv6.  The traffic is small, perhaps negligable,
	but it is there and is growing.  But perhaps you are correct, I know
	of only a handful of people running IPv6 ONLY services.

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