[ppml] My view on IPv4 (was: Re: IPv4 wind-down)

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Thu Mar 22 04:30:38 EDT 2007

> Sean Reifschneider wrote:
> there's 100% v4 coverage

And there will continue to be for the foreseeable future, even if it
requires double-NAT and other ugly tricks.

Nice post, Sean.

Re: making class E available, and although I contributed to and
supported similar proposals in the past, I think it's too little too
late now. There are significant political challenges, and the truth is I
would not want to be the recipient of a class E unicast address because
it will be flaky for years. Salvaging the last crumbs of the IPv4
address space is a nice idea, but it won't eliminate the NAT tricks to
come. And, contrary to what some think, it would not slow down IPv6
adoption either.


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