[ppml] IPv4 wind-down

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>> Horse and buggies are not permitted on freeways, at least not
>> in the United States. 
>You can buy a brand new bicycle for $14,000

Please tell me you couldn't find anything as stupid as that in the UK!

>but you can't drive that on a freeway. And you can't drive a Segway on
>the freeway either.

Actually you can ride bicycles on US highways, at least in some states
(maybe all of them?) definitely in the state I'm in.  Yes, you too
can be within a foot of cars going 65 Mph on a bicycle.  Where do I
sign up!!

>> There are many many examples of abandonded older technologies
>> that are completely incompatible with newer technologies, and
>> have been obsoleted.  As owners of analog-broadcast-recieve
>> televisions in the United States are going to soon find out.
>Back in the 1930's, something called radio was developed into a
>business. There were popular music programs and radio dramas. Today, in
>the UK admittedly, I have a digital radio on which I can listen to
>popular music programs and radio dramas. In fact, when I switched from
>analog to digital I got a wider choice of stations to listen to. There
>is a metaphor in here somewhere, for the IPv4 to IPv6 transition.

Hmm - let's see now, compare the amount of time devoted to commercials
on today's radio with 1930's radio...


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