[ppml] Policy Proposal: 2007-12 IPv4 Countdown Policy Proposal

Antonio Querubin tony at lava.net
Wed Mar 21 18:28:47 EDT 2007

On Wed, 21 Mar 2007, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

> The proposal was accepted for discussion precisely because of people
> like you who are merely 'following" the discussion and NOT contributing
> your opinions.

Allow me to make myself perfectly clear.  My opinion is:

   - This is an unnecessary, unneeded policy.

   - Artificial phaseout (IPv4) or adoption (IPv6) timelines are

   - Keeping ARIN members informed of the status of the IPv4 pool is
     important so that members can make informed decisions and plans.

   - Reclaiming unused IPv4 space is ok but doable with existing policy.
     We don't need a new policy for that - just better (active)
     implementation of existing policy.

> If everyone wants to go full speed on an IPv6 transition plan then great.

Sorry but I wasn't advocating full speed ahead.  The transition to IPv6 
should not be revolutionary but rather evolutionary.  Revolutions tend to 
be disruptive.

> It may be that only serious efforts to extend IPv4 will crystalize people's
> determination to switchover to IPv6.  It certainly seemed to do so for you.

Actually no.  This isn't a situation where one has to decide to switchover 
to IPv6.  The decision to make is whether this proposal is necessary. 
It's not.

Antonio Querubin
tony at lava.net

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