[ppml] IPv4 wind-down

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>are companies out there still making steam engines and buggy whips,
>if only for much smaller market segments today.

Horse and buggies are not permitted on freeways, at least not
in the United States.  And I would think that very few of the
population today could qualify for a boilers license and if
any significant number did, the local municipalities would
ban them from the roads - the last thing you want is a steam
boiler involved in a serious auto collision.

There are many many examples of abandonded older technologies
that are completely incompatible with newer technologies, and
have been obsoleted.  As owners of analog-broadcast-recieve
televisions in the United States are going to soon find out.

We make allowances for older technologies only when they do
not conflict with newer technologies and they are not dangerous.

Try purchasing an automobile with Refrigerant 12 in it, or
tilt mercury switches.


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