[ppml] IPv4 wind-down

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Wed Mar 21 17:54:37 EDT 2007

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>> Shortly we will be burning through 2+ /8's per month, so
>> the logistics of reclaiming space will be challenged to
>> keep up, even if there are blocks that add up to that
>> much. 
>An above ground v4 trade would be helpful. Allowing V4 to be
>treated as property, at least for legacy space, would be
>required. The economics of that are interesting, and the
>outcome predictable. Seems like a smoother transition
>than tossing a bomb into the problem like the aforementioned
>policy seems 
>to do, IMHO.

If you do this then the inevitable lawsuit that claims IPv6 is
also "property" becomes delightfully easy to argue.


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