[ppml] Policy Proposal: 2007-12 IPv4 Countdown Policy Proposal

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Wed Mar 21 16:07:40 EDT 2007


The ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process was created for just that 
You will find the document outlining the process at: 

You may submit a suggestion by following the guidelines on the 
suggestion template found at:

The link to this information is found on the home page, www.arin.net,  
shown in the right side box as *Suggestions.


Susan Hamlin
Director, Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers(ARIN)

Stephen Sprunk wrote:

>Thus spake "McTim" <dogwallah at gmail.com>
>>On 3/21/07, michael.dillon at bt.com <michael.dillon at bt.com> wrote:
>>>ARIN is a service organization. It runs the in-addr.arpa service,
>>>the (creaky old) whois service, a route server, a registry service,
>>>and so on. Why not some new stuff too.
>>It's my impression that's it's a reluctance to pay for these value
>>added services on the part of the ARIN members.
>Has it ever been put to a vote?  Is there even an official way to get such 
>things onto the agenda besides stuffing the suggestion box and hoping the 
>BoT/AC will bring it up?
>We have a very good process to make policy changes that affect ARIN's 
>registry services, but it's unclear to me how much control we have over the 
>other things ARIN does.  And that's not a slam at ARIN at all, since they 
>have a good track record of doing what we ask, but it makes it difficult to 
>propose non-registry programs like community outreach (i.e. to people who 
>aren't on this list or attending meetings, via ads or articles in Network 
>World, Information Week, CIO, or even the WSJ).  It's like we need a 
>non-policy proposal process.
>Is the consensus truly that ARIN shouldn't do things besides registry 
>services (i.e. act like a trade association), or do we just not have a 
>method of telling ARIN it needs to be done combined with them being hesitant 
>to do (i.e. spend money on) things they haven't been explicitly told to?
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