[ppml] PI assignment subdelegation?

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Mar 20 19:07:18 EDT 2007

>> We have a model that works.  If it works please don't fix it!
> There will not be time to fix it if it breaks under stress.  And the
> runout of IPv4 will put very much stress on it.  That is why, after  
> all,
> that the IPv4 Countdown Policy ended up getting advanced even though
> everyone hates it.  People do recognize the danger of the head in  
> the sand
> "leave it alone it ain't broke" approach.
As one of the four who signed the petition to advance the IPv4 policy,
I thought I had made it very clear that I did not support the policy.
I believe that the AC kicked it for the wrong reasons, and, I believe  
proposal was worthy of discussion.  I would prefer that the AC had
taken option 2A of the initial review process, as I think that would
have been the correct thing to do with this policy, but, that didn't  
so, I agreed to sign the petition.

I will again make it clear.... I do not support this policy and do  
not believe
that any policy change is actually necessary under the current  
I believe that the system will function and that there is no need to  
do anything
different until ARIN is unable to fulfill requests.  At that time,  
ARIN should
fulfill request it can on a first-come-first-serve basis and provide  
a polite
apology in response to requests which cannot be fulfilled.  I do not  
a change of policy is required in order for ARIN staff to do this.   
Merely a
tactical change in operational conduct to meet a changing set of
circumstances.  Thus far, the ARIN staff has shown themselves to be
rather well equipped for such changes when necessary in my opinion.

I rather suspect that it will be easier to get all of the RIR  
to agree on how to manage the IPv4 space through exhaustion than
to get the various governments to come to a similar agreement.
I believe it is virtually impossible to get all of the RIR  
to agree.  As such, I'm not too worried about successful world  

> The bright spot here is that if we do manage the rundown of IPv4
> with a minimum of trouble then it will be in the world's governments
> self-interest to leave us alone.  But that will not happen by doing
> nothing about the problem and expecting the free market will step  
> in and
> take care of the problem, or by simply telling everyone to migrate to
> IPv6 and sitting back and expecting that to magically happen by itself
> as well.
I think you confuse the role of the RIR s with the role of the network
operators and the IETF.  The RIRs are technology neutral.  They
have no interest or care whether people use v4, v6, or some other
technology to be named later.  They don't run networks and they
don't control BGP.  Network operators make the operational decisions
on this and do the actual implementations.  The IETF makes the
architectural decisions.  The RIRs just register resources to
organizations in order to provide cooperating organizations with
reliable uniqueness.


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