[ppml] PI assignment subdelegation?

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Tue Mar 20 17:38:09 EDT 2007

> I guess the question is do you want the ARIN Guidelines you 
> cited above to be treated as laws or merely administrative 
> directives?  The posts to this list appear to indicate people 
> do not want them treated as having the force of law.  In that 
> case then you can interpret them as administrative guidelines 
> and since the one company owns the other, company A's network 
> is "company b's network" thus the same block can be used for both.
> Whether you would atually want to do this is a different issue.
> Ted

Of course we don't want ARIN "Guidelines" to be delivered with force of
law.  The one thing that has kept the internet going this far is the
combination of anarchy and the cooperation of the netizens.  The surest
way to crash the internet or at a minimum to place it beyond the reach
of the common man will be to make internet policy legitable.  

The moment that the internet is under government control it will be
taxed to pay for the agency.  Who wants to start that ball rolling?  We
could, but let's not..

We are talking about something that is more widespread than government,
perhaps even bigger than any government.  The internet has thus far been
more productive and functional than any government on the planet.  Wars
and violence on the internet have been comparatively well managed and
controlled by the citizenry and by consensual policy.  If anything we
should be remodeling our governments in the form of the internet, not
subjecting the internet to the force of 'legal' governance. 

In any case it is neigh impossible to universally subject the internet
to law, because who's law would you use?  An example is the
proliferation of offshore gambling, music and video sharing,  and other
"illegal" (by U.S.A. law) activities.  The U.S. laws have done virtually
nothing to quell such activity even within the U.S. borders.   

We have a model that works.  If it works please don't fix it!



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