[ppml] PI assignment subdelegation?

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Tue Mar 20 17:04:49 EDT 2007

Thus spake "Jon Lewis" <jlewis at lewis.org>
> I'm not sure if this is strictly on-topic for ppml...but
> Suppose company A multihomes, gets an ASN from ARIN, and
> uses PA IP space.  Company A is then bought by company B.
> Company B is bigger, qualifies for PI space from ARIN, and
> goes through the process of getting an ASN and PI  space from
> ARIN.  B and A still run totally independent networks.  Can B
> give A a subnet of its PI space in order for A to renumber out
> of PA space and into that subnet of B's PI space?
> I see under Guidelines - Requesting a Direct IPv4 Assignment
> from ARIN, it says:
>  ARIN assigns blocks of IPv4 addresses to organizations that
> request  address space for internal use in running their own
> networks, and not for subdelegation of those addresses outside
> their organization's networks.
> Since B owns A, but they run as separate networks, I'm not sure this
> applies.

"Organization" is deliberately ambiguous so that it can be read both ways in 
cases like this.  If A still has its own connectivity (i.e. it's an 
autonomous network), it can qualify as a separate org, but it doesn't have 
to; if A's upstreams will accept a subnet of B's addresses, then in theory 
there should be no conflict.  Ideally, both companies would arrange to both 
advertise B's entire assignment; this is easiest if they maintained common 
POP(s) that they connected their disparate networks to, but could be done 
with distinct POPs that had a connection between them to carry traffic 
coming in to the "wrong" one.


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