[ppml] PI assignment subdelegation?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
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>I'm not sure if this is strictly on-topic for ppml...but
>Suppose company A multihomes, gets an ASN from ARIN, and uses PA IP space.
>Company A is then bought by company B.  Company B is bigger, qualifies for
>PI space from ARIN, and goes through the process of getting an ASN and PI
>space from ARIN.  B and A still run totally independent networks.  Can B
>give A a subnet of its PI space in order for A to renumber out of PA space
>and into that subnet of B's PI space?
>I see under Guidelines - Requesting a Direct IPv4 Assignment from ARIN, it
>  ARIN assigns blocks of IPv4 addresses to organizations that request
>  address space for internal use in running their own networks, and not for
>  subdelegation of those addresses outside their organization's networks.
>Since B owns A, but they run as separate networks, I'm not sure this

This is another example of one of the holes I brought up a few days
ago on this list.  If company B owns company A then they are the same
organization from one point of view.  However if the two companies
maintain separate incorporation papers then legally they are separate

I guess the question is do you want the ARIN Guidelines you cited above
to be treated as laws or merely administrative directives?  The
posts to this list appear to indicate people do not want them treated as
having the force of law.  In that case then you can interpret them as
administrative guidelines and since the one company owns the other,
company A's network is "company b's network" thus the same block can be
used for both.

Whether you would atually want to do this is a different issue.


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