[ppml] PI assignment subdelegation?

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Tue Mar 20 16:05:31 EDT 2007

Isn't this exactly what the private ASN implementation of BGP is for?
Though as long as company A is a separate entity, I would suspect they
would retain their ASN even if they did relinquish their original IP
net.  That way company B could re-assign a network to company A to
manage independantly.  

I suspect that resistance to relinquishing the original allocation would
be strong due to the traumas of renumbering.

What you outlined is certainly possible.



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> I'm not sure if this is strictly on-topic for ppml...but
> Suppose company A multihomes, gets an ASN from ARIN, and uses 
> PA IP space. 
> Company A is then bought by company B.  Company B is bigger, 
> qualifies for PI space from ARIN, and goes through the 
> process of getting an ASN and PI space from ARIN.  B and A 
> still run totally independent networks.  Can B give A a 
> subnet of its PI space in order for A to renumber out of PA 
> space and into that subnet of B's PI space?
> I see under Guidelines - Requesting a Direct IPv4 Assignment 
> from ARIN, it
> says:
>   ARIN assigns blocks of IPv4 addresses to organizations that request
>   address space for internal use in running their own 
> networks, and not for
>   subdelegation of those addresses outside their 
> organization's networks.
> Since B owns A, but they run as separate networks, I'm not 
> sure this applies.
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