[ppml] Understanding the ARIN lawsuit

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>Long story, it's best to read the suit itself for background.
>At 11:18 AM -0400 3/19/07, Daniel Corbe wrote:
>>What exactly brought the lawsuit on to begin with?  What did ARIN 
>deny Kreman from doing that Kreman thought it appropriate to take 
>legal action?

Cohen obtained a large block of IP addresses pre-ARIN

Kremen won a lawsuit against Cohen which basically gave him all
Cohen's assets

Kremen then went to ARIN and asked ARIN to change the name on
Cohen's IP addresses to himself, based on his lawsuit against
Cohen.  ARIN said no problem, just go through the usual procedure
which means submitting justification of need for IP addresses.

Kremen didn't want to do that because submitting justification
would require him to reveal his downstream customers.  He sued
ARIN based on ARIN not giving him Cohen's allocation.  The basis
of his suit was that Cohen's IP addresses were property, thus
assets that Kremen had title to per the earlier lawsuit.

I'm glad that Michael posted his links because when I looked this
mess up last week I wasn't able to find followup on it.

No doubt an appeal will be filed so it will be some years before
there is final resolution on this.  It may also be made moot if
the Internet switches over to IPv6 before it is finally resolved.


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