[ppml] Understanding the ARIN lawsuit

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Mon Mar 19 07:42:50 EDT 2007

At 9:54 +0000 3/19/07, <michael.dillon at bt.com> wrote:

>Now I am not a lawyer

No offense to Michael, but I would request that we get a summary of 
the legal action from ARIN's legal council at the next meeting, 
whether Public Policy or Member.  Something akin to what Mr. Ryan 
provided at the meeting in St. Louis.

It would be good to hear about legal matters from someone that 
doesn't have to begin with "I am not..." ;)

I too am curious about the lack of a public statement coming from 
ARIN (staff), but thinking this over, perhaps the lack is due to the 
fairness principle.  A statement on a particular registrant's 
situation could be seen as breaking from the confidential nature of 
ARIN's operations.

It's awfully hard to operate openly in the public interest when you 
have to manage confidential information.
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