[ppml] Getting aggressive about vetting

Ray Plzak plzak at arin.net
Sun Mar 18 13:55:27 EDT 2007

Don't forget that this could be put on the agenda for the Open Policy Hour on Sunday.


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> "Ted Mittelstaedt" <tedm at ipinc.net> writes:
> >>From: John Curran [mailto:jcurran at istaff.org]
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> >>*You* are ARIN, so please take action.
> >>
> >>(Policy Proposals welcome)
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> >
> > Let's have just a bit of discussion first, shall we?  Or is the
> > aim of this to get a half-baked policy submitted so it can be
> > rejected?
> We're well past the deadline for proposals to be submitted for the
> April meeting.  An actual proposal (yes, actually write it up in
> proposal format, using the template which you can download from
> http://www.arin.net/policy/irpep_template.html ) will have plenty of
> time to be discussed between now and the cutoff for the October
> meeting.  Hint here: the more concise and easily understood a proposal
> is, the better its chances.  People tend to not support things that
> they feel they don't completely understand.
> I'll be happy to give you a hand offline if you wish.
>                                         ---rob
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