[ppml] Proposed Policy: IPv4 Countdown

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Sun Mar 18 12:41:11 EDT 2007

> >Just for clarification, I thought the court ruled that Kremen filed 
> >his lawsuit too late and in fact said essentially nothing about 
> >address stewardship/ownership unless that address space is allocated 
> >by ARIN	"pursuant to terms of a service agreement" 
> (that is, if the 
> >addresses are allocated according to the RSA, you have to abide by 
> >the RSA).
> The court did several things, including dismissing the lawsuit
> due to statute of limitations issues, but more importantly was
> the modifying the outstanding order per ARIN's request, after
> reviewing ARIN's role in the administration of IP resources.

To really get a sense of what happened, you need to read BOTH the
petition submitted by ARIN and the judge's ruling. And although a large
part of the ruling dismisses stuff because of time issues, the judges
orders to Kremen and ARIN implicitly show support for ARIN. For
instance, the judge said nothing about the legality of the RSA, but he
did order Kremen to sign the RSA. Without the greater context, it is
easy to miss these subtleties.

--Michael Dillon

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