[ppml] Getting aggressive about vetting

Robert E. Seastrom ppml at rs.seastrom.com
Sun Mar 18 09:04:12 EDT 2007

"Ted Mittelstaedt" <tedm at ipinc.net> writes:

>>From: John Curran [mailto:jcurran at istaff.org]
>>*You* are ARIN, so please take action.
>>(Policy Proposals welcome)
> Let's have just a bit of discussion first, shall we?  Or is the
> aim of this to get a half-baked policy submitted so it can be
> rejected?

We're well past the deadline for proposals to be submitted for the
April meeting.  An actual proposal (yes, actually write it up in
proposal format, using the template which you can download from
http://www.arin.net/policy/irpep_template.html ) will have plenty of
time to be discussed between now and the cutoff for the October
meeting.  Hint here: the more concise and easily understood a proposal
is, the better its chances.  People tend to not support things that
they feel they don't completely understand.

I'll be happy to give you a hand offline if you wish.


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