[ppml] Proposed Policy: IPv4 Countdown

John Curran jcurran at istaff.org
Sat Mar 17 15:08:58 EDT 2007

At 11:40 AM -0700 3/17/07, David Conrad wrote:
> > http://www.arin.net/media/releases/dismissal-release.pdf
>> The Court recognized ARIN's authority in the stewardship of IP
>> numbering resources, and found that everyone should play by the
>> same rules.
>Just for clarification, I thought the court ruled that Kremen filed 
>his lawsuit too late and in fact said essentially nothing about 
>address stewardship/ownership unless that address space is allocated 
>by ARIN	"pursuant to terms of a service agreement" (that is, if the 
>addresses are allocated according to the RSA, you have to abide by 
>the RSA).

The court did several things, including dismissing the lawsuit
due to statute of limitations issues, but more importantly was
the modifying the outstanding order per ARIN's request, after
reviewing ARIN's role in the administration of IP resources.

I'll leave it to lawyers to determine the applicability of these
decisions in other situations, but it is fair to say that some
aspects of ARIN's policies and agreements have had their
day in court and were not found lacking...


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