[ppml] Proposed Policy: IPv4 Countdown

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> ARIN is maintaining registrations for legacy space (and for 
> most IPv6 space, for that matter) without fees.  They're 
> actively providing a service (if nothing more than rDNS in 
> many cases) at no charge because that's what the community 
> has told it to do.  Part of the reason the community has made 
> that decision is because we're unsure if we have an 
> alternative, but that's not the only reason.

Board minutes from 3/22/04:
The ARIN Board of Trustees adopts annual maintenance fees for legacy
assignments that is consistent with the current miantenance fee; and,
that this feee commence with the first request for change of information
by the legacy holder after the policy goes into effect; and, a suitable
period of public notice has elapsed."

A few months later, 8/3/04, the Treausrer noted that [implementation of]
this resolution has been deferred until billing integration within ARIN
takes place.

This was presented at the Fall 2004 Members Meeting.

> I would support a policy proposal that directed ARIN to 
> actively try to reclaim address space that was no longer in 
> use, regardless of what terms it was assigned/allocated 
> under.  I would _not_ at this time support a proposal to 
> revoke registrations for space that _was_ being used simply 
> because there is currently no fee attached, or to impose a 
> fee on registrations that currently do not require one.
> Side note: if ARIN _were_ to start charging for services that 
> are currently free (including, but not limited to, 
> maintenance of legacy blocks), we would need to either lower 
> fees across the board, accelerating consumption*, or find new 
> expenses (that didn't violate ARIN's charter!) to offset the 
> additional revenue.  Both of these results seem to be of 
> dubious value to the community.

Applications for address space have not increased appreciably
in the past due to fee changes.  


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