[ppml] Proposed Policy: IPv4 Countdown

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Thu Mar 15 15:08:04 EDT 2007

> I don't have a plan, I don't even care to see IPv6 come into being.
> But I am concerned that the global Internet, one well-connected and 
> global data communications system, is about to hit a wall because of 
> the shortage of addresses in IPv4.  The question is what is the 
> proper way to get IPv4 retired and something (IPv6 seems convenient) 
> in to replace it.

not exactly.  by your own view, the problem is how to keep the users of
one well-connected and global internet happy moving their data.  and
what is gonna happen is simple
  o because v6-only will not let folk connect to the internet
  o there will be a formal market in v4 space, which will get subdivided
    into smaller and smaller chunks in order to meet the need that
  o there will be a jillion v4 nats

we may or may not like it.  but there is currently no viable alternative


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