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>I don't think your fair guys...  I know Internet
>is not how it used to be... but saddly, Internet
>is currently victim of it's own
>popularity...  What a nice proof of success :-)...
>Many people don't know how to activate their mail
>client to look at the mail header (many MS
>Outlook types is you catch my drift, and the
>unsubscribe info is within those headers).
>Many admin contacts or tech contacts are actually
>the owners of business who relies on their tech
>people to do the job (why change their tech name
>every 2 or 3 months when they can get the notice and point fingers).

That's fine for domain names, but these contacts are
for network allocations.  I don't know of very many
businesses with large ARIN network number allocations
who have chief tech people who are quitting every 2-3 months.
(and I would really wonder about the ones that do)

This is why ARIN has the concept of ROLE contacts, BTW.

>Many people don't know how to use WHOIS, RWHOIS
>or NSLOOKUP...  That's geek stuff (I know I'am
>one of them... owner and tech guy merged into one... Oh boy...)

If you don't know you shouldn't have your name on any
contact information from ARIN other than the billing contact,
Simple as that.  Kind of like if you don't know
how to drive, you shouldn't own a car.

Please note, you do not need allocations from ARIN to be
able to do user-mode things on the Internet like surf the
web, etc.

What you need to understand Francois, is that the location
that ARIN is fetching these e-mail addresses from is the location
that the e-mail contacts are supposed to be of people who
fix problems with these allocation blocks.  If I am
having a problem with your block I don't want to talk to
you even if you own the block, unless your the guy fixing it.
It is not neighborly on the Internet for you to not
be putting the tech contact on these blocks.

If your septic tank in your backyard stopped up and overflowed
into my yard, and you call a contractor out to fix it and
the contractor starts digging up my flower bed, I want to
go to the guy doing the digging and say "eh, there - push off"

I don't want to have to go to you, then to your contractor,
then to his site foreman, and have my message distorted each step
of the way.  By the time the guy doing the actual digging hears
about it, the flowers will all be dug up.

>Let is go, it's a storm and it will pass through...

Please fix your contact info and you won't have to deal with it.


>At 17:08 2007-03-12, Larry Smith wrote:
>>On Monday 12 March 2007 15:56, Randy Bush wrote:
>> > Craig Pink wrote:
>> > >  Unsubscribe
>> >
>> > sure are a lot of clueless folk out there
>>Yep, if these are the people "managing" and / or
>>maintaining networks, then we
>>are in deep trouble...
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