[ppml] Another question on Policy Proposal 2007-8

Jay Cuthrell jcuthrell at neonova.net
Thu Mar 8 08:30:34 EST 2007

On Mar 8, 2007, at 7:55 AM, Edward Lewis wrote:

> The discussion on 2007-8 caused me to ask this question of myself:
> What if I am looking to buy a company that has address space.  When
> listing the assets of the company, should the number resources ever
> be included?  The answer, if the space has come from ARIN (or any
> RIR) is no.  But what if the resources were obtained pre-RIR?

The immediate concern is the phrase "has address space".  Valuation  
based on "address space" would be a very dicey selling point.

> Assuming there is a difference between resources obtained from ARIN
> or before ARIN/RIR, can I tell this from ARIN's whois server?  During
> the due diligence phase of acquisition I probably should know if the
> address space comes under ARIN's transfer policy.

For diligence (SWOT) I'd view it as a threat first.  During your  
diligence, there should be a delineation of how tied such an "asset"  
is to successful ongoing operation.


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