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> Your notion that the only way to adapt to IPv6 is to set a 
> timeline is wrong.  Ask carriers why they are not supporting 
> IPv6 today, and their response is "show us the money and we 
> will."  How do these carriers make money, by moving bits.  
> When there is traffic in IPv6, market will adopt, plain and 
> simple.  And to create traffic for IPv6 is to get application 
> writers and rest of the IT industry to realize, through mass 
> marketing effort, that shows IPv4 is ending soon and IPv6 is 
> the preferred industry solution.

Is there anyone at all reaching out to the enterprise network operator
community, to tell them about IPv6 and to give them some hands-on experience
with it?  Perhaps that would help speed adoption of v6.

I know of at least one IT education firm that has a v6 class, but that's not
what I had in mind.  I'm thinking of something more along the lines of the
IPv6 workshop being held at the ARIN meeting in April.  I have in mind
something where enterprise operators get an opportunity to learn the nuts
and bolts of IPv6 and to play with a functioning IPv6 network.   Maybe
vendors or major service providers could sponsor such a workshop to be held
at an industry conference, where there are many more enterprise operators in

A quick Google shows a few such events were held throughout 2002-2004, but I
couldn't find any held since then.

-Brian Knight
Network Engineer
Mizuho Securities USA, Futures Division

* Please note that I do not speak for my employer - only for myself.

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