[ppml] Policy Proposal: Resource Reclamation Incentives

James Hess mysidia at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 15:46:33 EDT 2007

On 6/30/07, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ <jordi.palet at consulintel.es> wrote:

I would say the proposal has merits. But it doesn't really offer much
"incentive" to legacy holders who pay no fees. What it really does is
eliminate some disincentives, they'd
otherwise have, like having fees to pay in the future from returning
legacy space and
getting a little less space.

More may be needed to be done to 'drain the swamp'

If a legacy registrant is happy about having all that extra address
space, what will  incite them to renumber?

If they want Ipv6 space under this policy, then they have to pay anyways.
Such legacy registrants still have tremendous disincentives from entertaining
obtaining Ipv6 addresses.

I think what is really needed, overall, is a huge disincentive for a legacy
registrant to fail to join RIR process -- I think the disincentive for
not participating,
combined with an incentive for participating could be an effective combination.

For example, an Announcement that after a certain date, legacy
assignments from before the community/RIR process will cease to be
recognized by the community, including
addresses would go away from official WHOIS, reverse mapping, and
after a waiting
period, become available to be reassigned, and it is up to  the legacy
registrants to
justify and obtain a permanent allocation from the RIR serving their region.

Combined with a caveat of NOT joining the process, the policy of being
able to return
address space and receive a "proper", justified address space of an
appropriate size,
with an agreement between registry and registrant, to recognize that
address assignment
going forward, would be a huge incentive.

Since the alternative would be unpalatable.

> I think this is an excellent proposal.
> Regards,
> Jordi


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