[ppml] Solicing comments: IPv4 to IPv6 Migration Incentive Address Space

John Paul Morrison jmorrison at bogomips.com
Wed Jun 27 14:16:34 EDT 2007

I do not support this proposal as it essentially duplicates the IPv6 
address space already allocated to IPv4 users, documented in RFC 3056 
Every single IPv4 address automatically gets an IPv6 /48 allocation.

 From RFC 3056: "Within the subscriber site it can be used exactly like 
any other valid IPv6 prefix, e.g., for automated address assignment and 
discovery according to the normal mechanisms such as [CONF, DISC], for 
native IPv6 routing, or for the "6over4" mechanism [6OVER4]."

In short, 6to4 assigns IPv6 addresses that can be used for native IPv6 
and it specifies a tunneling protocol, using the IPv4 internet as a 

I think the RFC contains some unneeded baggage about it being a 
transition solution and suggests some restrictions on the way it is used 
within native IPv6 routing.
The RFC was written in a more optimistic time, probably assuming the 
transition to IPv6 would be quicker.

I don't see why people with existing IPv4 addresses shouldn't just slap 
on 2002:: - bypassing the whole process of assigning new "native" IPv6 
(Much the way CIDR was a natural extension or generalization to IPv4 
routing, utilizing 2002:: for native global IPv6 routing may be the same)

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