[ppml] RIR Shopping, Table Growth x5?

Dan.Thorson at seagate.com Dan.Thorson at seagate.com
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ppml-bounces at arin.net wrote on 06/27/2007 12:32:05 PM:

> > I guess that's the question though.  If a company can get 8 /32's
> > around the world, should our allocation policies somehow allow them to
> > get a /29 they can subdivide into /32's from a single RIR, and then
> > nothing from others?  That preserves the ability to aggregate, while
> > the current scheme of getting them from multiple RIR's at different
> > times does not.
> >
> Wouldn't that require all traffic to be routed via the connection(s) in
> the geographic region of the assigning RIR?  That seems like a fairly
> drastic limitation to connectivity for the sake of route aggregation.  I
> would think geographic aggregation regardless of where the company above
> has its offices would make more sense.  So, their Chinese office would
> aggregate into the "Chinese Block" and the US office would be aggregated
> into the "US Block" and so on.

What if I want that traffic from the China office to be able to use the
China Internet connection under normal conditions, but leverage my
Corporate WAN in the event there is upstream provider or other Internet
issues in China (that is, the China sites use the China ISP until there's
issues... and then China could transit the Corporate WAN to a different ISP
connection located elsewhere in the Corporate WAN).

This would imply that a corporation would want
1) Provider Independant space
2) multiple blocks of "routable/announcable" IPv6 space
3) have those blocks be agregatable

such that, for example:

IPblock/48 #1     announced from China
IPblock/48 #2     announced from Japan
IPblock/48 #3     announced from California
IPblock/48 #4     announced from London

and then the agregate /46 would be announced from all sites... so each site
announces two prefixes... one /46 and one /48 (unless the site has poor BW,
in which case they wouldn't announce the /46).

Bottom line: Agregatable PI space is highly desired for a world-wide


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