[ppml] Where to get your address space

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sat Jun 23 13:08:18 EDT 2007

John Curran wrote:
> At 11:24 AM -1000 6/22/07, Randy Bush wrote:
>>>> The point that I wanted to make, which is clearly not seen, is that
>>>> an organization can in effect pick their RIR and go to the RIR that
>>>>  actually caters for their needs irrespectively of their actual
>>>> location or where the prefix will be really used.
>>> What policy change do you propose?
>> i have this recurring nightmare where i go to the doctor with a really
>> serious problem and she says "what policy changes do you propose?"
> Yep, me too...  Apparently, an undocumented side effect from serving on
> the ARIN Board.   Think of it as an strange honorarium of sorts for your
> past participation.

semi-humor aside, there is an underlying problem here.  while we pride
ourselves on bottom-up, member driven, blah blah, what we sometimes end
up with is network constraint/design by not just one committee, but five
or more very large committees, some of which are dominated by folk who
have never seen a router.

we were aware of this when designing arin, hence the existence of the ac
and a process with board approval for policies.  this is somewhat
lacking in other communities, and hence the swings are wider and perhaps
less well aimed.  and, as the arin ac and board are put in place by
popularity contests, we can get some pretty loose cannons.

perhaps inter-rir coordination of policies which affect global routing
etc. would put a bit more damping in the system.  this might not be a
bug.  the net does seem to kinda work; perhaps i have just forgotten
those policies which were so urgent that they needed immediate change.


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