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Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Fri Jun 22 12:23:08 EDT 2007

Edward Lewis wrote:
> At 16:44 +0100 6/22/07, Jeroen Massar wrote:
>> Global address consumption affects everybody globally. As such, if
>> AfriNIC
>> decides to waste address space, that affects all RIR's globally. As
>> such it
>> also affects ARIN, as such it affects you.
> I guess I was too subtle in making my point.

Which point? Sorry, but not everybody is into prose, some people are engineers
and simply want straight words.

> If you are criticizing the activities of Afrinic, take it up discreetly
> with Afrinic.  The "Court of Public Opinion" is not a place for a fair
> "fight."

It is a problem with AfriNIC that has an effect globally.

It is not a fight, it is public questioning. If you want to ignore it, then
ignore it.

> I don't like the precedent of accusing an RIR of a misdoing and asking
> them to publicly defend themselves.  The RIR's operate in a delicate
> balance of both openness in policy development and resource registration
> and confidentiality in handling and judging the worthiness of requests.

That openness is not there when a RIR makes up their own rules without asking
their membership. Or did I miss the superinternal memo that is not supposed to
be public in the first place?

> Working in a environment of openness, confidentiality, and neutrality is
> difficult.  You cannot defend yourself to the fullest because of the
> limits of what can be, what can not be, and what might otherwise be
> implied.
> Plus this is the ARIN mailing list.

Stop thinking in your little American box. Or is the war in Iraq something
that does not happen in the US and thus not relevant? To pull something in
that also shows that local decisions have global effects.

>> Then please try to explain me why I saw this recently:
>> 2001:42c8::/32  Canada     TGB-V6-AFRICA
> I believe that question is wholly inappropriate for this list.
> Especially for this list.  (In the pulic meetings, our chair doesn't
> tolerate personal "accusations" either, something I was heartened to
> witness in April.)

If you try to say "Shut up" to me then either:
 - simply say on this list
 - simply say so by sending a private message

And I am very sure that ARIN staff and other people are also very able to
provide me with a similar message when needed very quickly.

Please bring arguments along, they tend to help.

I brought that up as a note to show you *WHY* it was appropriate to bring
these matters up on the PPML mailinglist as policies and decisions happening
in other regions *DO* affect ARIN.

Let me repeat again, that I have NOTHING against that 2001:42c8::/32
assignment which is really a good thing and very well justified.

It only demonstrates that Address Policy is a global thing, not something
local. Organizations are global and the Internet is global.
Policies and laws etc are not but they do affect us globally.

And in case you don't like me mailing, then simply block all mail from
jeroen at unfix.org, which is always nicely PGP signed, thus should be very easy
to block in your MUA or even MTA.


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