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Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Fri Jun 22 12:09:56 EDT 2007

At 16:44 +0100 6/22/07, Jeroen Massar wrote:

>Global address consumption affects everybody globally. As such, if AfriNIC
>decides to waste address space, that affects all RIR's globally. As such it
>also affects ARIN, as such it affects you.

I guess I was too subtle in making my point.

If you are criticizing the activities of Afrinic, take it up 
discreetly with Afrinic.  The "Court of Public Opinion" is not a 
place for a fair "fight."

I don't like the precedent of accusing an RIR of a misdoing and 
asking them to publicly defend themselves.  The RIR's operate in a 
delicate balance of both openness in policy development and resource 
registration and confidentiality in handling and judging the 
worthiness of requests.

Working in a environment of openness, confidentiality, and neutrality 
is difficult.  You cannot defend yourself to the fullest because of 
the limits of what can be, what can not be, and what might otherwise 
be implied.

Plus this is the ARIN mailing list.

>Then please try to explain me why I saw this recently:
>2001:42c8::/32  Canada 	TGB-V6-AFRICA

I believe that question is wholly inappropriate for this list. 
Especially for this list.  (In the pulic meetings, our chair doesn't 
tolerate personal "accusations" either, something I was heartened to 
witness in April.)

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Sarcasm doesn't scale.

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