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Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Fri Jun 22 11:44:08 EDT 2007

Edward Lewis wrote:
> At 16:24 +0100 6/22/07, Jeroen Massar wrote:
>> Why not? Is AfriNIC special, is AfriNIC outside of the policy rules set by
>> their own membership? What does make AfriNIC so special to not even consult
>> the rest of the world, let alone your membership, in making these decisions?
> I am reading this on ARIN's PPML (I noticed upon preparing this reply 
> that there was massive cross-posting).  I question whether this 
> discussion is appropriate for this mailing list, especially the 
> pointed criticism raised in the quoted text above.

Global address consumption affects everybody globally. As such, if AfriNIC
decides to waste address space, that affects all RIR's globally. As such it
also affects ARIN, as such it affects you.

As an exercise, remind me again where Canada is, does this fall in ARIN region
or in the AfriNIC region?

Then please try to explain me why I saw this recently:
2001:42c8::/32  Canada 	TGB-V6-AFRICA

Indeed, even if you are a company in the ARIN region you can go to AfriNIC and
get a prefix there.

Note: Absolutely nothing against Teleglobe, they simply have their head office
in Canada, and they are (going to) operate a network in Africa (which is
great!). And the above is most likely a completely valid case for getting them
an assignment, even though it does skew the statistics quite a bit because the
country information is wrong.

But still this shows that if a company wants, they could set up shop in Africa
and use AfriNIC policies to get an assignment, thus bypassing the policies
which are really in effect in the ARIN region. This of course also goes for
every other RIR region. As prefixes are global, nobody will try to limit you
using that prefix in the rest of the world.

This in the end can mean that regions disappear, and all the hard work people
do on complaining about policies is futile.

And that was the subject of the message wasn't it!? :)


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