[ppml] Revising Centrally Assigned ULA draft

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Tue Jun 19 14:41:58 EDT 2007

Randy and Dave,
	Just popping in as one of the "small rural telco / ISP's" ..

	From my point of view I am not terribly worried about the
routing table issue.  I have every confidence that the 7xxx class cisco
routers I am running now will be able to manage it with hopefully not
too terrible upgrades.  Even a small telco these days needs to have a
fairly hefty edge router to be able to meet their customers data needs,
and almost all will have more than one just for redundancy/failover.
This sort of solves the initial table issue as hopefully the redundant
edge routers will be connected with an IBGP and will be able to locally
populate each other's tables when needed.  

	It could well be that I am living in my own nerf fantasy, but
whether right or wrong I suspect that I am not the only one holding that

	If I were an even smaller ISP as I was a few years ago, with a
small router and a single circuit to one upstream, then I would just
greatly simplify my own routing table with a default entry or three and
depend on my upstream for routing.  

	I know of a couple of small ISP's today who do things that way
and are very happy. 

	While I understand the desire by end users (home/SOHO) to have
their own PI space, I am not sure how to do it for tiny blocks and
maintain efficient aggregation.  Lets face it, for tiny networks things
will just work better if you get your IP's from the people you get your
bandwidth from.  Isn't this one of the issued DNS was designed to


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> > So the existing small ISP at the edge of the DFZ behind a couple of 
> > DS-3s is going to be fine?  Even if this poor sap buys 
> bigger hardware 
> > to accomodate a larger FIB/RIB, how's he going to get a full table 
> > update (after maintenance or a crash) in a timely fashion?
> >
> > I agree there's no need for panic, but there's need for 
> some serious 
> > work.  The biggest players are going to be pushing the edge of the 
> > RIB/FIB envelope.  The next set down in scale (but still near the 
> > "core", whatever that is) will be pretty much okay.  The 
> little guys 
> > near the edge are going to be pretty screwed unless they 
> put out some 
> > serious dollars.
> and there is no rational way out.  id/loc is fantasy, old fantasy.
> once upon a time, one used to be able to run a small (often 
> rural) telco with small equipment.  now a small telco has to 
> buy monster switch(es).
>  guess why?
> and now you may be able to infer why the vendors are not 
> panicked and are telling us everything is alright.
> randy
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