[ppml] Revising Centrally Assigned ULA draft

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Mon Jun 18 15:34:45 EDT 2007

Leo Bicknell wrote:
> In a message written on Mon, Jun 18, 2007 at 11:09:17AM -0700, David Conrad wrote:
>>> Here's the simple problem, you give up all aggregation day one.
>> Not really.  The fact that PI /48s are available does not  
>> automatically mean everyone must obtain them.
> Everyone, no.  However, would you not agree a lot of people who
> don't try for PI today because it's hard/complicated/expensive would
> be more inclined to get it if it were as easy as filling out a web
> page and sending in a check for $100?

pssst... the $100/year is already the case for a /40-/48 IPv6 PI in your
beloved ARIN region. And how many of those are actually to be found in
the "IPv6 DFZ"?

Actually from ARIN only 32% of the allocated blocks are actually being
routed at the moment. Of those PI ones given out only 10 out of 60 of
them are being seen somewhere in the "IPv6 DFZ" (according to GRH).
So even though it is quite cheap, not many are actually using it (yet).

In RIPE land at least 52% of the prefixes, and those are quite a bit
more than in ARIN land are already at least being announced.

>> a) huh?  Last I checked, there were 800 IPv6 prefixes being routed
> Entirely the wrong metric.  We're in a start-up mode.  Since we're
> likely to see a relatively full transition to IPv6 in under 5 years,
> looking at the start up figure now is worthless.  There will be
> somewhere between the number of AS's allocated and the number of
> current IPv4 routes in the DFZ in the future IPv6 DFZ, and that's
> the interesting number.

Even if every single 16bit ASN would have a single entry, that would be
a mind whopping 65k entries (and I am not even considering private ASNs

For that matter. If there would be ULA-C one day, then we also need
ASN-C, because they solve exactly the same kind of problem. Another
reason why ULA-C can simply be solved by what we now call PI.

Note also that "PI" doesn't actually have to show up in the routing
tables, it can actually be used only internally, or do you have a route
to or the various other military networks ? :)


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