[ppml] Revising Centrally Assigned ULA draft

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Fri Jun 15 18:58:12 EDT 2007

> If (non-globally routed) PI is the answer to the ULA-C question, is
> there going to be enough (non-globally routed) PI so that I can get a
> (non-globally routed) PI allocation for my home, at a small charge for
> the guaranteed uniqueness e.g. US$10 per annum ? How about my Personal
> Area Network that interconnects my mobile phone, portable music player
> and pedometer in my shoes. Will there be enough (non-globally routed)
> PI that everybody on the planet who might end up having that sort of
> PAN can get a (non-globally routed) PI address allocation, should they
> want one ? How about if they want separate allocations for both their
> PAN and their home network.

these are rir policy and price issues.  they are not technical issues.
except for routability, which, as smb says, don't think you ain't gonna
want to connect it some day; you will.


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