[ppml] Suggestion for ARIN to deligate smaller IP blocks

Brian Reid reid at mejac.palo-alto.ca.us
Sat Jun 9 21:34:24 EDT 2007

>> If someone is willing to pay for pipes to diverse providers and a
>> BGP-capable router and has enough clue to get BGP working, there is a
>> sizeable* faction that believes they "deserve" a routing slot.
> I would agree, the knowledge required to setup and multihome with BGP is not
> something that everyone in mass will just know.  I have helped many smaller
> ISP's with BGP issues, as it's just not something that everyone learns.  So
> this alone would keep every joe from a /24, or I would think..
>> > anybody who wants to multihome can do that pretty easily, and if
>> > that's all it takes to qualify for a PI /24, then we're more or less
>> > throwing open the doors and inviting anybody who really wants
>> > a PI /24 to ask for one.
>> I don't think anyone is saying that you don't need to justify use of a /24.
>> Today you have to justify a /22, and that's not much harder than a /24.
>> It's well known that people fib when making requests, and most of the
>> people getting /22s today could probably only justify a /24 anyways -- if
>> that.
>> The only legitimate complaint I've heard here is that it's easier to lie
>> your way to a /24 than to a /22, but wouldn't we be better served by
>> mandating that ARIN pursue fraud more diligently?  The Board said as much
>> in their recent announcement, given the not-so-distant-anymore exhaustion
>> of v4 space.
> I would have to agree with that, I can't tell you how many times I have seen
> stuff setup just to fake need for space, just to meet a larger
> qualification. It's without a doubt not that hard to do, and if they are
> going to go through the issue of faking a larger layout and getting space
> anyway, I could see the reasoning behind putting a /24 out there and saving
> a lot of wasted space.
>> Reclamation, if passed, may also help by enforcing standards on existing
>> blocks.  My original intent was ARIN would go after the biggest blocks
>> first (to recover address space), but perhaps they need to go after the
>> smallest ones as well (to recover routing slots).
> There is an amazing amount of wasted IP space allocated, as much as many
> would curse over it, there is a real need to go back and require pre-ARIN
> allocations to be shown to be used, or justified as what would be reclaimed
> I am sure would be astounding.
> I know of /16's that are just totally unused, some that weren't even being
> announced, and some that were to just show they are out there, but with no
> intention of actually being used.  Heck just the other day I was talking
> with some about an ISP purchase, and that one of the sellers got the ISP to
> let him keep one of the /18's personally.  I know the guy, he has no place
> to use it, just knows that IP space costs $$, and as it was a pre-ARIN
> block from long ago, knew he could just keep hang on to it in case he had a
> need for it sometime.   So there is LOTS of wasted space, without a doubt,
> and at times a legit person would really use a /24 and has a slim chance of
> getting it..
>> * I don't know if this faction is the majority or not.  They're certainly
>> not as vocal as the crybabies.
>> ** I have no inside knowledge, just common sense.
>> Stephen Sprunk      "Those people who think they know everything
>> CCIE #3723         are a great annoyance to those of us who do."
>> K5SSS                                             --Isaac Asimov
> On a side note not list related, interesting ham call, had to look it up
> just to see if it was actually real.. WB3FFV here by the way..  *smiles*
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> Howard Leadmon
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