[ppml] Suggestion for ARIN to deligate smaller IP blocks

Leroy Ladyzhensky leroy at emailsorting.com
Fri Jun 8 16:02:36 EDT 2007


I currently have been with the same ISP for 5 years.. and during this time I 
know for a fact that they have upgraded their hardware and have made 
improvements... but yet my service is still the same price...

in reality... you say you will make the end users pay.. but other ISP's will 
not, and the big ones will not (since they, most likely, don't have to 
upgrade anyway)

so in turn .. to remain competitive... you will not increase your rate that 
much any way...

Lets take a honest look at history... internet speed has increased and cost 
has come down... and in order to support bandwidth demands. major ISP 
infrastructures have had to be upgraded to keep up with the demand... but 
price is down...

and so.. what you are saying is if the routing table size went up.. and 
hardware had to be upgraded... this would cause a cataclysmic shift in 
internet pricing?

can we try to get real here?

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>> you say.. "Fewer larger routes benefits everyone"
>> but what you are actually saying is --- the waste of a limited resource 
>> is
>> justified because ... "Fewer larger routes benefits everyone"  well..
>> actually only...  ISP's and there hardware budget.
> and we promise not to pass on the increased costs to our customers.  and
> pigs will fly.
> can we try to get real here?
> randy

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