[ppml] Avoiding Square 0 (IPv4 NAT at endusers) (Was: Difference between ULA-C and PI)

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Fri Jun 8 14:56:32 EDT 2007

> IPv4 address space is already abused by service providers to
> "up-sell" services, there's no reason to think it won't continue with
> IPv6. IP addresses are not supposed to be property and addresses are
> supposed to be allocated on need.

they are.  anyone is welcome to show need to the regional IR and get
what they need.  of course, they have to pay there too.

oh, you do not want to pay for so big a chunk?  well then, add what it
costs to allocate, dns, route, configure, ... those little chunks, and
expect to pay that to your upstream isp.

life is simple


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