[ppml] Suggestion for ARIN to deligate smaller IP blocks

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Fri Jun 8 04:05:45 EDT 2007

> > I mean an internet (a network of networks) between different 
> > organizations, but not (directly) accessible to the Internet.
> that's far from definitive.  first off, by "the Internet" you 
> seem to mean what some people call the default free zone 
> (DFZ) but you might be using breidbart's definition, which 
> i've quoted a time or two here recently but here it is again:
> 	>> But what *IS* the internet?
> 	> It's the largest equivalence class in the reflexive transitive
> 	> symmetric closure of the relationship "can be reached by an IP
> 	> packet from".		--Seth Breidbart

I think he is using his own definition, not some witty
mathematico-grammatical repartee from someone I've never heard of. Let's
stick with John's clear and understandable definition and lose the
tortured prose of this Breidbart fellow.

> second and more importantly, if i'm a member of more than one 
> of these "private internets," say one between "different 
> organzations" A,B,C,D and one between "different 
> organizations" D,E,F,G where i am "D", what am i?

You are a typical enterprise network. In other words, the situation that
you describe is rather common.

> third and finally, if the rest of the world nukes itself in 
> spam and ddos and "different organizations" A,B,C,D,E,F,G 
> decide to form their own "the internet", or are the last 
> networks standing after the spamocaust such that we qualify 
> under breidbart's definition, then what am i?

Then you are committed to a mental institution after overdosing on a
cocktail of drugs. Where else would you get the idea that spam and ddos
cause nuclear holocaust. This is a reductio ad absurdum if ever I saw

> a network is "private" if it's not connected to most other 
> networks, but clearly it could still be connected to some 
> other networks and still be "private". 

Not under the RFC 1918 definition.

--Michael Dillon

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