[ppml] [address-policy-wg] Those pesky ULAs again

Roque Gagliano rgaglian at antel.net.uy
Thu Jun 7 09:43:57 EDT 2007

> ULAs are not intended to be publically routed by ISPs. While some may
> attempt to get ISPs to route them, ISPs will have clear documentation
> saying they are not intended to be used that way, and they are free to
> filter them. And in fact they SHOULD be filtered. (I'd say MUST, but
> since that is not enforceable...)

Should ULA-C be published in the Whois database? what about reverse  
DNS for them, should they be delegated or just reply a NXDOMAIN?


Roque Gagliano
rgaglian at antel.net.uy

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