[ppml] Suggestion for ARIN to deligate smaller IP blocks

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Thu Jun 7 06:21:28 EDT 2007

> Are you talking about the cost of upgrading all the backbone 
> routers in the world to handle /25's vs. /22's? 

They don't all need to handle those long prefixes. Providers can filter
their incoming announcements and either ignore long prefixes altogether
or only accept them on those parts of their network infrastructure where
they can handle the larger routing tables. We do not tell network
operators how to run their network.

> Aren't all these big boxes going to need to be upgraded 
> anyway to support IPv6?

These big boxes have already been upgraded to support IPv6 years ago.
The IPv6 capability may not be in use, but the big boxes all support it.
At the edge, in little boxes, there is a need to upgrade the boxes if
they need to support IPv6 but since nobody is going to turn off IPv4
services for a long, long time, there is no imperative to upgrade.

--Michael Dillon

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