[ppml] Those pesky EUI-64's causing a shortage of IPv6 space (Was: [address-policy-wg] Those pesky ULAs again)

John Paul Morrison jmorrison at bogomips.com
Mon Jun 4 16:21:37 EDT 2007

You miss the point. Of course you care which door-knob you're monitoring.

You know which one you're monitoring because the locksmith told you the 
MAC address/EUI64 address or Serial number off the cardboard box, or maybe
your campus wireless controllers triangulated the door-knob and told you 
its GPS coordinates.

Before he told you, the door-knob registered itself securely (because 
the manufacturer installed a certificate in it) to a Door-knob 
Controlller/Management System.
Then you logon to the management system, see the knew door-knob in the 
alerts list or unknown zones, matched it with the serial number (EUI64) 
you were then able to type in the meaningful name of the location, 
security zones etc.

That's the direction embedded systems are going. I've seen people 
complain about their EUI-64 IP address changing because their MAC 
address changes. Well how about
the embedded certificates in that device? Those change too!  Were you 
really going to secure your building based on some static IP addresses? 
You were really going to repair the "NIC" on your IP door-knob when it 
failed rather than replace it?  

DHCP can still hand out tftp addresses without handing out IP addresses, 
and DHCP isn't the only way to hand out server addresses - there are 
already well known addresses for IPv6 DNS, an embedded device might also 
be listening to a multicast/anycast address, or use proprietary methods.

Kevin Loch wrote:
> John Paul Morrison wrote:
>> You want DHCP for your IPv6 door knobs? 
> Do you care which doorknob you are monitoring/controlling?  At
> some point you have to make the association between doorknob
> location/function and IP address.  While doing that you may
> also find it convenient to choose a simple integer with
> lots of leading zeros.
> I may also need to tell the doorknob what tftp server to download
> it's configuration from (see: voip phones).
> So, yes I would want DHCP for my door knobs.
> - Kevin
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