[ppml] Those pesky EUI-64's causing a shortage of IPv6 space (Was: [address-policy-wg] Those pesky ULAs again)

Kevin Loch kloch at kl.net
Mon Jun 4 15:42:51 EDT 2007

John Paul Morrison wrote:
> You want DHCP for your IPv6 door knobs? 

Do you care which doorknob you are monitoring/controlling?  At
some point you have to make the association between doorknob
location/function and IP address.  While doing that you may
also find it convenient to choose a simple integer with
lots of leading zeros.

I may also need to tell the doorknob what tftp server to download
it's configuration from (see: voip phones).

So, yes I would want DHCP for my door knobs.

- Kevin

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